Gaya - A Second Chance

What if humanity could start all over again?

In a future not so far away, a diverse group of carefully selected people are sent to Gaya, a planet very much like Earth. They want to build a better world: free of war, pollution, racism, and greed.

The settlers find a paradise of undisturbed nature – but they soon meet unknown dangers, poisonous plants, and aggressive animals. Above all, they have to deal with each other: a bunch of people with different ideas and desires, memories and individual quirks. And not everyone is willing to follow the rules.


A social fiction novel

What does that mean? Technically, the book belongs in the science fiction genre, because it is set in the future on another planet. However, hardcore sci-fi fans might be disappointed by the lack of lightsabers, slimy aliens and humanoid robots. The book focusses on the founding of a new society that tries to avoid all the past mistakes of mankind (of course making new ones in the process) and combines elements of a robinsonade with those of historical fiction and family sagas. Don't worry, the result is not as complicated as this may sound.