Julia Scales - texts and translations

After several years of experience in tourism and publishing I have been working as a freelance translator and writer since 2011. My main topics are tourism, culture and gastronomy, but I do translate and write about a wide range of other topics too.


I was born and raised in Germany with a German mother and a British father. There is a sort of habit in my family to marry people from different cultures, so I was used from very early on to switch languages and enjoy the diversity of people from all over the world.


I was trained as a foreign language correspondence clerk and international tourism assistant in Heidelberg and worked for a cruise operator and in a travel agency. Later I studied cultural anthropology, history and sociology in Frankfurt (my thesis focussing on Catalan cooking as a way to express cultural identity) and worked for the Frankfurt Book Fair and a publishing house specialised in books about food and wine.


Now I live in the Odenwald with my family, which is a very beautiful, hilly region between Frankfurt and Heidelberg. My vision is to bring more international tourists here.