Give your customers that little extra service that makes the difference!

After several years of experience in tourism and publishing I have been working as a freelance translator and writer since 2011. My main topics are tourism, culture and gastronomy.

I translate websites, information material and menus for hotels and restaurants from English to German.

As you probably know, Germans are very fond of travelling abroad and they often do this in individually organised trips. Most of them do speak English, so once they are at their destination, communication is not a problem. But how do they find their destination? Very likely, they search for it on the Internet, using a search engine. And this is why it is important to have a German website. Even if the words are the same in German and English (like “Hotel London Tower”), the algorythm of the search engine knows that the request was sent from Germany and will rank the results accordingly, giving websites with German content a much higher position. (More details here >>>)

So if you care about SEO for your English website, you should definitely think about having a German version of it as well. Often, one German “landing page” with the most important information and one or two subpages are enough.